Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to register?

    Online registration closes March 1st, 2018 at 11:59 P.M

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course?

    There is a 2-hour course limit on all race distances.  5K and 3K runners who are still on the course after one hour will be asked to move to the side in order to accommodate the lead runners in the 15K. The 15K has a 2-hour time limit. The pace needed to complete the 15K in 2 hours is 12:52 per mile.

    Please train and plan to meet this finish goal!

  • I registered to race and am now unable to do so. Can I defer, transfer to someone else, or get a refund?

    • Deferrals – There will be no deferrals to futures races.
    • Transfers – Due to age group awards and 15K state records you may not transfer your registration to someone else. You may not transfer or sell your bib to another runner.
    • Refunds – there are no refunds.
  • Is the Course USATF certified?

    Yes. USATF# AZ11006TLB

  • How will timing be done?

    Your chip will be attached to the back of your bib. Race timing is provided by Raceplace Event Systems.

  • Where can I pick up my bib/race packet?

    See packet pick up information in the race info section here

  • Can a friend or family member take the bus to the start?

    No one without a bib may ride the bus

    No strollers allowed in the 15K

    No bandits

    No bib – No transportation to the start

  • Is there an early start?

    No early starts on any of the distances.

  • Do I need to be present to receive my award?

    Yes, all awards will be presented at the awards ceremony.  All unclaimed awards will be forfeited. No awards will be mailed.

  • ​Do I need my ID to receive my complimentary beer?

    Anyone over 21 wishing to receive a beer after the race will be required to show a wristband that will be given at packet pickup.  No event issued wrist bend – no beer.  This is an insurance requirement.  You will need your ID at bib pickup to receive the wristband.

  • ​Can I receive a 2nd beer?

    Yes, you may purchase a second beer at $4.00 each – cash only.  Purchase the ticket(s) at bib pickup or at the awards tent the day of the race.

  • Can I change my shirt size?

    Shirts will be ordered on Feb 5th based on the size you ordered.  There will be a very limited supply to change sizes and may not be allowed until after the race.  Anyone who registers after Feb 5th will not have the chance to select shirt size and will be ordered based on averages.

  • Can I change races?

    You may change races prior to March 1st.  Go to your account on Chrono Track to make any changes.  To change from the 15k to the 5k or 3K there is no charge.  To change from the 3K to the 5K or 15K there will be an additional charge.

  • Our team won the "Win your weight in beer" competition; who can be on the scale for the weight of beer?

    You must choose one of the scoring members and that member must be over the age of 21.

  • Our team has 4 members under the age of 21, can we win the team competition?

    No, you must have at least 1 member 21+ to be eligible for the team competition.

  • 2018 iPhone/$500 Cash Prize Restrictions

    To qualify you must be one of the first 999 registered 15K or 5K athletes. This prize will only be available if registration numbers reach 1,000 or more people. If less than 1,000 participants register we will discontinue this prize. Only 15K and 5K participants are eligible for this prize. You must have your bib present to claim the prize.  The drawing will be numbers that will match the lucky bib.  You do not need to be present for the Iphone award – we will announce the winner prior to the team awards.  The winner will also be announced on Facebook and our website.